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Feasibility Study

Planning Permit (contingent upon jurisdiction)

Building Permit

Construction Administration

Feasibility Study

- Site Visit
- Existing &Proposed Schematic Site Plan
- (P) Floor Plans/ Schematic Design
- 3-D Views
- Zoning Municipal Code Research
- Coordination with City officials as needed
- 2-3 Meetings with Architect (to go over Wishlist/ design sessions)
- Preliminary Application (as needed)
- Obtain proposals from consultants that are needed for the building permit application (Structural Engineer, T-24 Report, Land survey, etc.)


Planning Permit

This is contingent upon the scope of work and jurisdiction requirements. This may require, but not limited to, the following:

- Material Board

- Exterior Elevations, Streetscape Study

- Neighborhood Notices

- Public Hearing/ Planning Commission hearings

- Sun Studies

- Renderings (if needed)

gkw-architects-farmhouse-home (1).jpeg

Building Permit

- Design Development/ Construction documents
- Roof Plan
- Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing
- Exterior Elevations, Sections
- Attic and Underfloor Ventilation Calculations
- Wall, Window, and Door Schedules
- City submission and application forms
- Introduction to General Contractors (if needed)
- Consultants (i.e. Structural engineer, T-24 Report, Septic/ Civil, Geotechnical, MEP) *separate from Gkw's contract*

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Construction Administration

- @ Hourly As needed
- Respond to Requests for Information (RFI) from General
- Permit revisions
- Coordinate with structural engineer to provide letter(s) for
any changes on the field

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